Tuesday, April 7, 2009

warm fresh flowers

I know that rolls may be a small part of Sunday dinners but it is one of my favorite, especially warm. Being creative with bread dough is fun for your children and adds something a little special for holidays or special family traditions. Use your favorite dinner rolls recipe or Rhodes dough also is a great option. They have many great ideas on shaping rolls and other recipes even if you do use your own bread dough.

For the flower rolls start with a roll size piece of dough and form a rope. Cut this into six pieces with a pair of scissors. Place five pieces in a flower shape on a greased cookie sheet and then add the last piece in the middle for the center of the flower. Let raise and bake according to instructions of your recipe or package. I also put sesame seeds on these (optional). You could also make letters, numbers, words, bunnies, more bunnies, eggs shapes, etc.

I also found this yummy recipe for lemon pull-apart rolls. I have not tried them yet but I sure will by this weekend!

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