Monday, March 29, 2010

easy art smock

I am sure that I am not the only mom who is a little hesitant when my little one asks to paint. I have been looking for some kind of water proof art cover up for my little girls (some way to contain the mess). Well I thought up this the other day so here it is.
I started with a vinyl tablecloth I had on hand for a painting drop cloth. You know the kind with the fuzzy back. This is perfect because it is water proof, can be wiped clean easily, and no need to sew because the edges will not fray. You could probably get a few out of one tablecloth depending on the size.

I measured my kiddos to get the width and the length and then cut out this shape. Mine measured about 40 in long and 16 in wide. I traced a small bowl for the neck hole.

As you can see I just added velcro to the back and sewed a ribbon on the front to tie in the back. You could also glue the ribbon on to make this a complete no sew art smock. Since I have made this I have seen some cute polka dot, flowers, and stripe tablecloths in the Easter decorations in many stores so now would be a great time to find one. These are good for not just painting but any messy projects like egg dying, anything with frosting or glue, you get the idea.

Hope this helps you enjoy time with your little ones with a little less mess.

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  1. Very clever. We'll have to make some this week, when our grandchildren come to visit.


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