Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas ice decorations

  If you are looking for something to help you look forward to cold freezing weather maybe this will help.   I have always wanted to try these and last year we finally did.  They were very easy and can be made with anything you have at home or in your yard.  Ice can be frozen into luminaries, wreaths, outside tree ornaments, or any other ideas you can think of.

Supplies you will need:
Any kind of pans, dishes, molds, or containers
Berries, greenery, pinecones, orange peel, nuts, etc.
Water and freezing temperatures or a freezer

Bundt pans work great because they already have the hole in the middle.  If not you can place a paper cup or a tin can in the middle of the container weighted with stones.   I placed mine just outside our back door over night.  When you are ready to take it out let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes and then soak the bottom of the pan in warm water for a few minutes.  Hang the wreath with a ribbon or place a votive candle in the middle for a festive center piece or a outside ice luminary.  

They can be very fancy and elegant but very inexpensive if not free.  This is my kind of decor.  We are excited to make them again this year. 

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  1. So pretty! If only it stayed cold enough not to melt here.


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