Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what's in your bag?

Recently I was late for a meeting and hurrying to the door when I met up with a good friend. As we entered the building, she complimented me on my new bag. I was excited about it and thanked her for her kindness. It wasn't until a little later in the meeting that I noticed her bag. It was fairly small and had a spiderman pencil bag poking out the top. I looked at her and then at her bag and smiled. She smiled back, well giggled really, and explained that her son had given her the pencil bag. She told me she loved to use it because it reminded her of him and because it always made people laugh when she pulled it out. For many years now she has been reminding me to truely cherish, celebrate and love the best things in life. This day proved to be no different. Thanks again Julie.

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