Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wearing of the green

Whenever a holiday is over the first thing our kids ask about is what holiday is next. We all love a good holiday. Sometimes it means a break from normal life or at least some fun and interesting traditions. But if my kids ask what and why we are celebrating I have to admit that sometimes(ok, a lot of the time) I don't really know. Let's take today St. Patricks Day for instance. My kids know that they must wear green to school, and they love it when naughty leprechauns do mischievous things in their classrooms but who was St. Patrick and was his favorite color green? And what do corn beef, lucky clovers and parades have to do with it? Just a little FYI, St. Patrick was not actually Irish, the cabbage and corn beef tradition started in America, and green is not the color that St. Patrick was originally associated with. I found all that out on History.com where there are interesting videos explaining everything. They will either make you look like a really smart parent, make for a great dinner converstaion or a least create a fun little holiday activity while everyones finds out why we are all celebrating. Happy Learning!

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