Monday, May 18, 2009

six super ways to say "thanks, teacher!"

Each morning this week my children have loudly announced exactly how many school days are left. They are excited about end of the year activities, but are mostly awaiting that glorious last day of school. The only bit of sadness this time of year is having to say good-bye to well-loved teachers. Great teachers play a big role in our children's lives and it may be hard to to know how to say thanks. We asked a few teachers what they thought and found six super ways.

1. JUST WRITE A NOTE!Teachers said they receive many different thank you gifts from students and parents but many times the best ones are just a little personal note of appreciation for specific things they have done.

Take a picture of each child and then give them a chance to write a note. This is a fun activity for the kids and when put into a book becomes a cherished memory for the teacher.

Whether hand picked from the garden or sent from your favorite florist, flowers make a great statement all on their own (just ask any husband).

Kids may be a little surprised to know that teachers are excited for summer vacation too. After a long school year send them a gift card for dinner, movie, ice cream or some other "take a break" fun .

Teachers need and use a lot of different items in a classroom. Say thanks and help them out a little by sending things like note cards, fun pens, stickers, books, art supplies, soap, lotion, tissues, office supplies, Clorox wipes, storage containers, sporting goods or small gift cards for any of these things.

This year my daughter had an amazing first-year teacher who is excited about teaching and doing fun activities. She had fun learning from his wacky science experiments, his Friday football and everything in between. She picked a green football to say "Thanks, I had a ball in your class!" to Mr. Greene.

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