Thursday, June 4, 2009

mr. leaf bug

While out weeding one morning we found this little bug. The girls called him leaf bug because he looked like a leaf. They had a great time watching him, finding sticks for him to crawl on, and playing hide-and-seek with him. It was such a simple thing but it was the highlight of our morning.

In the Family Fun Magazine in April they had a cute article on six reasons that your family should plant a garden. I know that most of you have already planted a garden if you are going to but it is better late than never. That is how we live most of the time at our house.
I am no expert gardener but we learn a little more every year mostly by trial and error. So weather you have a few small pots on your back porch or a large garden here are some on the fun benefits that I have found.

1. Gardening is a great workout. If you have ever spent a day planting, weeding, or digging you have felt this.

2. Gardening makes healthy eating fun and adds easy nutrition to your family's diet. I have one very picky eater that will try a lot of things from the garden because she helped plant it and because she can pick it herself. Some of our fun favorites are cherry tomatoes, peas, strawberries, and jack-be-little pumpkins (those cute little mini ones).

3. Gardening is hands on learning. Families can learn about seeds, beneficial bugs, composting, and photosynthesis to name a few. (I put families and not just kids because I am still learning about these things too.) Kids can also learn responsibility and have fun taking care of their own little garden, little pot, or plant.

We have gained a lot of information from our local extension office and also seed and garden stores. We found a great planting guide, some fun ideas to do with kids, and other good information.

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