Wednesday, August 5, 2009

growing up growth chart

Everyday kids are growing a little bigger. Some days it feels like a lot bigger.
This "life size ruler" growth chart is a fun way to track how fast they are growing.

Here is how to make it.

1" x 8" x 6' piece of pine wood -- I found mine at Home Depot pre-cut and ready to use.

Use paint or a wood oil (like linseed) to finish the surface of the wood.
Use paint, a sharpie marker, or a vinyl sticker to create the look of a large ruler.
A vinyl sticker makes the project a little easier and is available in our store. 
To apply the sticker:   Without removing the backing, tape the entire sticker into place with masking tape.  Pull back the bottom 12 inches and remove the backing.  Press this part of the sticker back down into place.  Now that it it secure, pull back the rest of the sticker, remove sections of the backing and press into place.  Be sure that the markings are staying aligned with the edge of the board.  When all the vinyl is in place, press on the markings to ensure that they will stick and then remove the top masking.

Start the lettering at zero if you want to just leave it standing on the floor. If you want to hang it on the wall, figure out how far up you want it.(ie. 6 inches from the floor) and start with that mark.

The fun part: Measure and mark kids heights.

Start a fun birthday tradition of measuring and marking the growth chart.

Many families already have a growth chart marked on a wall or door somewhere. Transferring that information to a board like this, protects it from the inevitable renovation or move.

I didn't start on this project until most of my kids were older. I used school and medical records to mark their heights from the past so we could compare everyone's as they grow.

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