Friday, August 28, 2009

skirt to sundress

I have recently seen so many great re-purposing ideas out there. I found a great tutorial on Make It and Love It for a cute sundress made from a men's dress shirt. After looking at this I decided to try it with a skirt I had. I love the pattern but every time I tried it on I didn't love the fit soooo... it became a sundress.
I cut off a strip from the top to make straps, gathered the top with some elastic, and sewed the straps on. I did not have enough fabric to make the cute flower like on the other one so I just stacked some flowers together, added a button, and then attached it to the dress with a bar pin. (I will post a tutorial on these flowers soon along with the many way that you can use them.)

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  1. What a perfect re-purposing skirt. Love how it turned out. Thanks for the's so fun to see everyone's projects! (And the twirly skirt turned out so fun below too!!)



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