Friday, July 10, 2009

map it

Summer is a great break from school and the daily homework grind. This season of fun is also a whole other world of learning adventures just waiting to be explored. There are lazy afternoons for reading, perfect weather to discover science at the beach or in the backyard, and more opportunity for hands on learning of the basic skills of life.  Simple ideas can keep children learning in fun ways all summer long.  One way is to hang a map in a central area of the house.
  • When kids hear things about places in the world locate them on the map.
  • Find home cities of extended family and mark them with small picutres.
  • Track the travels of friends who are on vacation.
  • There is just enough time left in the summer to learn about a different continent each week. Try foods and study about culture and traditions.
  • Our favorite game is to write the name of a location on a small sticky note. The first person to find it on the map gets to write the next one. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and sometimes a few days.

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