Wednesday, September 9, 2009

great granola

The search for the perfect granola recipe was a long one. I wanted one that is healthy, but doesn't have a long list of ingredients, one that is simple and easy to make, and maybe even one that my kids would choose to eat over cold cereal. Eventually, I came up this one on my own. It has everything I want and still gets a thumbs up from the kids.

Honey Almond Granola

Preheat oven to 300.

1 cup water
1/2 cup canola oil
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup butter
Mix these ingredients in a saucepan and warm until butter is melted.

In a large bowl mix:
6 cups quick oats
5 cups of a mixture of other ingredients of your choice *(quick oats, regular oats, rolled grain mix, crisp rice cereal, sunflower seed, flax seed, coconut, etc.)
1/4- 1/2 cup chopped or sliced almonds
1/2 cup brown sugar

Mix well.

Pour the liquid mixture over the grain mixture.
Divide granola in half and spread onto two large baking sheets.
Bake each pan for 30 minutes.

Enjoy as it is, or after baking add 1-2 cups dried fruit.

* I usually use 1 cup crisp rice cereal and 4 cups rolled six grain mix. The six grain mix is made up of red wheat, white wheat, rye, oats, barley, and sunflower seeds. The rice cereal adds a crispy texture while the six grain mix adds nutritional value.

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  1. Annie, I am not you, but I wish I could be you in many ways. I just refound your blog because I had something entered incorrectly, but I am for sure coming back for several reasons- once we get a place to live out here in Mass. Keep up the great blog, I seriously will be watching for new posts. (It's like a deal/craft/food blog all in one with such practical and good advice.) You're great! Brooke


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