Tuesday, February 23, 2010

fancy nancy birthday party

I am sure that there are many little girls (and moms and grandmas) that love Fancy Nancy as much as we do so we decided to share a few ideas that we used for our birthday party. This is the original book and it is one of our favorite. The best thing about Fancy Nancy is that she finds everyday items around the house to make everything fancy so that is what we decided to do.

We just did simple invitations on the computer with our own fancy wording.

We had everyone come dressed in something fancy. My husband and I did the same and the girls loved it. My husband had an old choir costume complete with a bow tie and the girls picked out whatever they thought was fancy in my closet. When everyone arrived we had them decorate their own fancy name tag on a paper doily.

We had a bubble machine outside and guests arrived, we used plastic stemware from the dollar store, fancy folded napkins, and frilly toothpick for the food.

We read the Fancy Nancy story, painted our fingernails, brushed on glitter, and made these fun ribbon bracelets to twirl with. We has a little fashion show and dancing while we took each girls picture. We then ate a light brunch and some ice cream parfaits. I found a fun sparkler candle for the birthday girl that was super fancy but a little smokey for inside (live and learn).

At the end the birthday girl gave each of her guests a fun bubble cake necklace and their fancy picture from the fashion show.

We had a great time and hope the girls did too.

This party was a great way for our little birthday girl to learn manners, etiquette, and creative fun ways to be fancy with everyday things.


  1. That is seriously the cutest idea ever! I am excited for when my little girl gets her own fancy nancy party!

  2. I was so impressed, you guys went all out! It was very fun, and Hallie hasn't stopped talking about it. Thanks for inviting her!


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