Wednesday, August 4, 2010

headband from fabric bits and scraps

I have seen so many great repurposing ideas with a t-shirt that I started holding on to a few before they were on there way out to the DI.  Some might have stains or holes or just don't fit anyone anymore.  Don't throw them away!!  They can turned into something fabulous.  

Here is a fun project for today.  I have been looking for a headband that is comfortable to wear.  I have some of the elastic ones that I can only handle for about 2 hours and then I feel like by brain in shrinking.  I started with some scraps of a t-shirt from the box. 

Cut two pieces about 12 in long and about 1/2 in wide.  The softer and stretchier (if that's a real word) knit will work a little better.  When you stretch them out long they will roll up on themselves.
Cut one more 12 in piece a little wider, about 1 in thick.  I cut it in half so each piece is 6 in.  (one for each end).  Wrap this around the two pieces and stitch across.  This could easily be a no sew project if you want to glue it instead.  
It is ready to wear or you could attach your favorite flower.  

This flower is also made from a scrap of fabric about an 1 1/2 in wide and 45 in long.  Just cut a little slit and then rip a long piece off the edge.  

If one end is a little skinnier than the other that is even better.  Use the skinny end to start.

 Tie a knot in the end and twist up the fabric and then start to wrap it around itself using a hot glue gun to secure it every once and a while.
   If you want a smaller flower use a shorter piece of fabric.  

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