Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fuzzy fleece headband

You have all seen the cute crocheted or knitted headbands.  Here is my version of something similar if you are like me and still learning to crochet but you are not so great yet.  These are made out of a single layer of fleece and they are very easy.  They could be made even without a sewing a machine.

First measure the head that you are making this for.  For my girls I started with a strip of fleece about 17x3 in.  For an adult, mine were about 20x3 in.  Make sure when you cut the strip that the stretch of the fabric goes around the head.  I then tapered the ends about 4 inches in and then just sew the ends together.  I did use a sewing machine for this but this could easily be hand sewn.  You can then turn it right side out and embellish with a flower, bow, heart, monogram, or whatever you can think of.   Fleece or knit will not fray so I just left the edges unfinished and it turned out great.  I like them because they are light enough to where all day.

1. For the flower I started with a strip about 9x3in.  I then cut 1 inch off to use for the center of the flower.
2. Take the 9x2in strip and fold it into accordion style so that you have 5 layers.
3. Round the top edge with your scissors.
4.  I should look like this when you unfold it.
5.Take a needle and thread and stitch along the bottom and then gather it up into a flower.
6. Connect the two ends to complete the flower.  Use the 1in. strip, tie the end in a knot, and roll it up for the center (use could also use a button).  Stitch it on to the headband.

I made myself a brown and black one. 

And we needed a valentine one.
Some for mom, some for my girls, and a couple for a new little one to be coming soon.


  1. Cute! What a simple, fun idea.

  2. That is so cute. And it looks even simple enough that I could do it. You're amazing!


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