Monday, November 9, 2009

password keeper

Do you have a hard time remembering passwords and login names for all of the shopping, bills, registrations, emails, etc. I know that this was becoming a problem at our house. We started writing them on a paper by the computer but were running out of room quickly. We found that an address book worked great for this. I found this one at a dollar store. You just jot down your login and password under the alphabetical letter that is applies to. A is for Amazon, B is for Barnes and Noble, C is for Chase and so on. I hope this helps with the missing passwords at your house.


  1. Holy cow - you're a genius! I have a document on my computer where I store a bunch of that - but if my computer were to ever crash I'd be in trouble. I think I've got an old address book lying around, I'm going to have to try this!

  2. And what if this note book will get lost? Keeping passwords in special password keeper program is much more reliable, you can sort passwords by folders, notes and so on. I use Handy Password for it.


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