Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the thankful tree

We came up with this a few years ago for the Thanksgiving season. We call it the Thankful Tree. I placed a twig from outside (we found a lilac bush to have the best little branches) in a small pot and then filled it with Plaster of Paris. You can find this at any craft store. After this dries place a little bit of moss on top around the twig.
I then cut out some varies colors of small paper leaves , hole punched the top, and threaded a piece to hemp (or string) through.

I then attached this little poem that we had written. You can then write things (or draw pictures) on the leaves and hang them on the tree. This a fun to do throughout the month or on Thanksgiving day. These also make fun little gifts.

I also think that it would be fun doing a similar thing with bigger paper leaves and hang your "Thankful Leaves" on a piece of twine or ribbon. Something like this at Pottery Barn.

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  1. We do something similar every year. I haven't tried the actual twig before - we usually cut out trees from brown construction paper and then use bluestick to put them on the walls. Then we cut out leaves from "fall colored" construction paper and put one leaf on every day of November until Thanksgiving arrives. We do one tree per family member.


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