Thursday, October 15, 2009

outfit organization

Having several daughters in our family can sometimes mean a little extra stress in the morning when it comes to getting dressed for school. Several years ago I found a tip that help simplify this problem for everyone and it has worked fabulously ever since.

We created 8-10 special hangers for everyone by tying ribbon to the top and we used a different color ribbon for each child. This was especially important for those who share a closet.

When it is time to put laundry away, I help each child pick out enough clothes for the next school week. We match up tops and bottoms into outfits including belts, tights, etc. and hang them on the special hangers. We have fun with fashion design and we choose clothes that will work well for the upcoming weather. Creating 7-10 outfits ensures that they will always have a few to choose from and extras if needed.

Each morning for the next week my kids get to choose whatever they are in the mood to wear from the special hangers. Even better I get more free time in the morning and less discussions about wearing pajamas, tutus or shorts with snow boots to school.

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  1. Fantastic idea. I am planning to try this out!


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