Monday, October 19, 2009

love helps us grow

I have the opportunity to work with a group of fun little three year-olds. We had a lesson about how our bodies grow and stay healthy through rest, good food, and exercise. As I began, I asked, "What helps us to grow bigger?" One little one raised her little hand and very excitedly answered, "My mommy and daddy love me so much I just keep growing bigger." Many others started to add in also. I smiled to myself because that was a very true answer.
The love from our family does help us to grow.


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  2. hi there. i love your cute etsy shop. i'm not sure where in utah you are... but i have a in home craft boutique in las vegas the week before thanksgiving and i know your crafts would be a hit. if you are interested in more information about it... give me an email at :) or i do have a blog set up for the boutique at


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