Thursday, May 20, 2010

kids picnic table

It is that time of year when all the backyard toys and gear come out of storage.  For us that means pulling out the kids picnic table that is stored flat against the wall in the shed.  We found the idea for this table including full printable instructions at Family Fun and it is a genius design! 
Here is why we love it:
--The entire table is made from one sheet of 4-8 plywood. 
--The pieces just fit together to create the table(no nails, screws, etc.) and can then come apart to store flat for storage. 
--It is portable.  There are two small pieces that will hold all the table parts together so that it can be carried to the neighborhood BBQ.   
--It is small and simple for children but it is big enough that adults can sit at it too. 
--It is durable and designed to hold up.  This one has been around for 8 years of picnics, tea parties, art projects, mud pies, garage sales(warning: people will want to buy it) and neighborhood BBQs.  Considering that we made it from a used, low quality plywood just to see if we could build it, it has done it's duty well.

Needless to say we have created several more since this one and will be painting a new smooth higher quality one in the next few weeks  even though we are not sure if we are ready to give this old one up yet. 

Tip: When we made additional tables, we chose not to cut the carrying handle hole in the table top because we found it was easy enough to carry without it and we didn't want the hole in the table. 
                          Family Fun Magazine  Table                                                 Our Family's Table

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