Tuesday, May 25, 2010

school's out for the summer

This is a fun last day a school tradition from family fun.   Hang a welcome to summer banner for your children to bust through on their last day of school.  We would love to hear your last day of school traditions.

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  1. This year we did something that I think will definitely become a tradition for us. On report card pick-up day (two days after school officially lets out), we invited classmates to a local park for a couple hours of fun to solidify friendships from the school year (especially since one of my daughters will be moving on to Middle School in the Fall...yikes!) and welcome summer with a bang. We tie-dyed t-shirts, did sun painting on mini bags, made easy woven friendship bracelets, and then made ice cream in a bag using Folgers plastic cans. If the girls finished a project before the rest, they could play on the playground so they were busy and having fun the entire time. As parents picked the girls up, we gave them a sheet detailing where we got our various supplies for each activity, how to wash out their t-shirts, how set the color on the bag, how to create more bracelets as well as how to find info on more complicated knotted versions, the recipe for the ice cream, and our phone number for future play dates. We also asked for their phone numbers/emails in a mini guest book so we could call them (and plan our next adventure...a pizza pajama palooza before school starts again). gallagher1_1@yahoo.com


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