Tuesday, May 11, 2010

plastic sack organizer

Looking for a way to contain all of your plastic grocery sacks? Many are moving to the reusable grocery sacks which we use once and a while also but we still use the plastic sacks for bathroom garbage sacks and many other things around the house. This little organizer is not a new idea but I thought I would share it anyway. Here is what you need.

cloth napkin or dish towel
8 in. of 1/4 in. elastic
safety pin
10 in. strip of ribbon

I started with a cloth napkin I found on clearance on day but you could also use a dish towel which would create a little longer organizer. I folded it is half and cut it about 7 in away from the folded edge. Measure and mark elastic at about 8 inches.

Attach safety pin to elastic and thread through the existing hem of the napkin or towel.

Pull in through until you see your mark of 8 inches and then sew up the side creating a tube.
Turn it ride side out and attach your ribbon to the top.

Stuff it with sacks in the top, and hang it up in your pantry. I found this and some other kitchen organizing tip from Martha here.

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