Thursday, July 1, 2010

birthday pictures

OK so I have been working on teaching my kids a little more about our family history, and  since this week was birthday week. I thought that I would share what we have been doing.
This is our Birthday Board.
Every month we add the pictures of who has birthdays in the that month (past and present).  Then during that month we have a birthday night where we share some fun things about each person. We have a birthday cake in the their honor. It has been fun to learn all kinds of fun facts and learn to love our heritage.
There are all sorts of fun ideas that you can use this for. Such as filling it with pictures of just the birthday person from their past to the present. You can even put a treat in each of the holes instead of pictures. One treat for each day of the week until their birthday (like a birthday countdown). Be creative and have fun with it. I know that we have.

To Make this:
You will need 1  2x4 of your desired length. Mine was 12in.
scrapbook paper, modpoge, a foam brush, wire, nail and hammer.
Cut your 2x4, then you will cut and modpoge the paper on to your 2x4. Let it dry completely and with your hammer and nail, nail however many holes that you want. Then take your wire and make 2 loops and twist at the bottom of the loop. Leaving the desired length for the height of your picture. Glue your wire in the holes. You will slip your pictures between the two loops of wire. With the left over paper I made tags to show their name and their birthday.


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