Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello all you Simply Home and Family followers.  I am not a usual poster, but I could not stand idly by and watch my wife post about boys.  I therefore claim today's post as MAN TAKE-OVER!!!!  I've got something to say about boys and the men we grow into.  In a world where men are trading in their work gloves for hand moisturizer and their Mustangs for Mini Coopers, it is time we take a stand and return to our roots in an attempt to help our young brood know what it really means to be a man.  So just for today, I am taking the reigns and clearing away the aromatic frills of this blog and smear them with a healthy splattering of leather and sawdust.

Understandably, it is impossible to shove everything it takes to be a man into a few paragraphs, or a few years for that matter; instead I want to tell you about something you can use to inject your boys, and maybe the man you have playing video games on the couch everyday, with raw testosterone.

I came across this book a couple of years ago and it immediately brought back sandlot memories of my boyhood filled with playing baseball for fun with my friends, creating forts and figuring out how to use all the knots we learned in scouts.  The book is called The Dangerous Book for Boys.  It covers things like building a tree house, secret codes, dinosaurs, making a go-cart, the history of great men and great battles, astronomy and using a compass.  It even tackles one of the greatest mysteries all boys throughout time have tried to make sense of...girls.  There is also a board game that goes along with it that helps you use the skills you learned.  You can take a better look at both the book and the game by following the links.

So tell your boys to turn off the video games and TV and discover what it really means to be a Man.  Soon they will be treating you, and other women, with proper respect, replacing old batteries with ones they made from quarters and heading off to a nearby fishing hole to catch supper.

Remember boys:  respect women and girls everywhere, grass stains and skinned knees are honorable and pockets are for cramming.


  1. excellent post! it made me laugh. and i have to totally agree on the kudos to the book! as a mom of 4 boys -- i think every boys needs a copy.

  2. ha ha! Tyson and I liked your post Mark!! :) Tyson was wondering if you had read the book
    "Boys Adrift" because it sounds a lot like it to him.


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