Tuesday, July 27, 2010

plenty of paperdolls

I love finding a really great toy. One that involves using kids imagination and creativity and one that they will play with for hours. After finding these Minime Paper Dolls paper dolls a couple of months ago, I finally ordered them.  They meet all the above specifications and my cute little ten year old has been busy ever since.

When ordering the doll I was able to customize it to look like her and have her name put on it.   I chose the "print it yourself" option,  received the pdf file the next day, and the fun began.   I love the cute vintage look of of the doll and outfits and my favorites are the fairy tale line and the girls in literature line.

 These dolls would be so cute as a gift and even more fun in a gift basket with one of the books (Little Women, The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, etc).  The paper doll party package offered on the website would make for a fabulous little birthday party/ tea party and the outfit of the month would be a happy little surprise at the beginning of each month. 
The website offer great tips and tricks.  We searched out the little "sticky strips" to hold the clothes on and are thinking about laminating the doll and clothes.  And thanks to the print it yourself option when we made a little mistake in creating the first doll (leaving her within toddlers reach) and were able to just reprint her.
If you have little girls, these dolls are definitely worth checking out.


  1. I love Hannah's designs. So fun. I'm hoping to invest in some for Christmas.

  2. just got mine today. Hey!


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