Tuesday, June 22, 2010

backyard fairy garden

At the beginning of the year we like to look for fun days to mark on our calendar through out the year.  Coming up on June 24th is one of our favorite backyard activities.  It is fairy day!  This is our day to create a little magic fairy garden that appears that some tiny creature is living there.

This is last years flower fairy garden we created in a round pot.  There is so much room for creativity.  We built a little house out of the end of a post with a little roof nailed on top and then covered with moss.   We planted some small flowers like alyssum and lobelia .  We glued on some more moss and grapevine sticks and added  some other little trinkets, butterflies, and glass rocks from the dollar store (this was a great place to find supplies for this project) or things that we found around the house.  We made a little table and a bench with wood scraps.  Ours was pretty simply but you could get as detailed and creative as you would like.  With a little water this will last all summer.  We found that Polly Pocket was the perfect size to play in our fairy garden.   Your could create a woodland fairy house under a shady tree or a secret fairy house that seems that no one would find it unless they looked closely.  There are so many fun ideas our girls love to image and create it.

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