Thursday, June 3, 2010

placemat beach bag

This easy beach bag was created from:
  2 placemats
  6-10 inches of 45 inch wide fabric
  4 large rivets

To create one:
Start with each placemat right side up, fold the top down four inches and pin into place.

 Put the two placemats together with the folded sides in.  Sew both edges and the bottom.  Then turn the bag right side out.

Now for the handles.  Cut two strips of coordinating fabric 3-5 inches wide and 36-45 inches long.  The straps on the one shown are 3x45.  Iron the edges in 1/4 on each side and then fold in half and iron.  Sew the edge and ends to make the strap.

Mark the spots for the rivets and cut holes to fit the rivets into.  Using a rivet placement tool and hammer, put the rivets in.

Thread the straps through the holes and tie knots in the end.

Load it up and head for the beach!

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