Friday, June 11, 2010

more than just a new shirt

Go the extra mile this Father's Day and put a twist on the traditional new shirt and tie for Dad by tidying up his closet space. The biggest key to a tidy closet is hangers that are uniform in shape and color. I prefer white because it doesn't over power the clothes. You can buy 10 -12 hangers for about $1. Oraganize his shirts according to color and season. Consider freshening up his older shirts with a trip to the dry cleaners or an afternoon of ironing. Have your children write notes of endearment that can be placed in the pockets along with a favorite candy bar, tickets to a game, a gift card for a night out, etc. There are countless ideas that can make this specific to the dad in your house. If you are feeling super ambitious, tackle his shoes also. Polish those that need it and create space for them to be stored in an orderly way. It would be cute to put a new sleeve of golf balls in his tennies, or a gift card to his favorite lunch spot in his work shoes.


  1. What great ideas!! I think these are something he would really appreciate! I think I might have to do this :) Thanks so much for sharing... and linking up to my I {heart} dad link! :)

  2. i am so glad you linked up at the creative crate -- that is where i saw this and i think it is a WONDERFUL idea!! it's perfect for my DH. thank you thank you thank you!


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