Thursday, June 17, 2010

grilled pizza

I am always looking for different ways to spice up the same old dinners that we eat regularly. This was a winner at our house. I am sure that this will be a regular request this summer. Thanks to Tidy Mom for this fun new summer idea. Head on over to get all the step by step instructions.

Tips I found when I made them:
Flip the tortillas just when they have grill marks and watch them closely.
After putting the toppings on, it will only take a few minutes before they are done. 

Happy Grilling!


  1. Holli - LOVE the blog!! Thanks for posting the link on Facebook so I could find it. Can't wait to follow it and see all the wonderful things you are creating. You are one VERY talented lady!!! (Here is the address for our blog if you want to check it out sometime

  2. We made these Memorial weekend and they were great. In fact the boy was just asking today when we could make them again!


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