Wednesday, June 23, 2010

easy play yard projects

This year as we got the kids play area ready for a summer of fun we fixed up or added a few "this makes our boring old play area totally awesome" projects.

When we replaced our old mailbox, the old one found it's home in the back yard play area.  It receives real notes and letters for the kids and lots of pretend leaf and pine cone letters too.

This tube is a drain pipe from the local Home Depot sprinkler system aisle.  The cost was around $6.00.  Before I could even get it attached to the play hut it was being filled with balls and cars racing to the bottom and was being used as a cool whisper-a-phone.  The kids begged me to give them a few more days to play with it where ever they wanted before I attached it to the play hut.  At the rate they are creating new ideas for it's many uses it may never have a permanent home.

By hanging an old piece of PVC pipe on a string from the roof, it can be used to spy things in any direction.

Simple curtains give a little extra shade, privacy and cozyness to the play hut.  One queen size sheet ripped into thirds and then cut to length was enough to make a curtain for each side.  The hem and casing can be sewn or created with fabric glue.  They hang on a laundry line string with s-hooks on the end and eye bolts in the wood.

Have some fun in the backyard!

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